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2022-05-29 01:16:51 By : Mr. Thomas Liu

Since knives are one of the most frequently used tools in any kitchen, it's important to have a top-notch set of blades in your arsenal. But while most knife sets are equipped with options that can tackle just about any recipe, there are certain cooking tasks that even the most top-of-the-line set of knives can't handle. If you're trying to slice foods cleanly, evenly, and quickly, you should have a high-quality electric knife on hand as well. 

If you think you'll only use it to carve the Thanksgiving turkey, you should know that electric knives can cut way more than just meat. They're also great for slicing bread, filleting fish, chopping veggies, and so much more. Some even use the gadget to cut through non-foods items as well, like foam and crafting supplies.

These are the best electric knives to shop, according to customer reviews:

When shopping for an electric knife, you should look for one with a sturdy stainless steel blade that will slice and dice through just about anything. It should also be lightweight and comfortable in your hand, so you won't cramp up or get tired as you carve through large items.

To help you figure out which model is best for you, we turned to reviews from home chefs who have bought and used these electric knives for themselves. In our search, we found seven top-rated knives that not only have thousands of five-star ratings, but also glowing reviews from shoppers explaining why they deserve a spot in your kitchen.

From a top-rated electric knife to a cordless option and an affordable pick, these are the best electric knives, according to customers. Keep reading to learn more about them and to buy one for yourself.

With an impressive 4.6-star rating from over 9,000 shoppers, this Cuisinart model is one of the most popular electric knives on Amazon. The knife's handle is ergonomically designed, so it's comfortable for both right- and left-handed people. The stainless steel blade is removable for easy cleanup, and it even comes with a handy storage tray. "Best carving knife we've ever had," wrote one customer. "This was such a lifesaver for Thanksgiving when we carved our turkey! It saves the time and hassle of trying to cut the turkey with a knife. The blades work amazing, and it's fast. It's a must-have for the kitchen for any large meat cutting!"

Thousands of Amazon shoppers have given this Hamilton Beach carving knife their seal of approval because it lets them cut through both cooked and raw meat quickly and evenly. The handy gadget weighs only 2 pounds, and it comes with its own carrying case and carving fork. "After deciding to make roast beef for Christmas dinner, I realized the chore that it would be for my brother to carve," said one customer. " I came in and searched for an electric knife. This knife is perfect! It wasn't too loud, sliced the meat beautifully and cleaned up quickly and easily. Definitely one of my better purchases this year."

If you are looking for a way to cut even slices of bread in a flash, check out this electric knife from Black + Decker. The 9-inch serrated blade will cut through even the crustiest loaves with ease. Plus, it's dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. Even better, the knife has a safety lock button, so you don't have to worry about it immediately turning on as soon as you plug it in. One shopper said it "slices through everything like butter," before adding, "In honor of St. Patrick's Day… I made rye bread in the breadmaker and cooked corned beef in a pressure cooker. Oh, my goodness! The Black + Decker electric knife cut the bread into uniform slices according to thin or thick preferences without squishing the bread. It did the same with the corned beef (no shredding whatsoever)."

While this Cuisinart model can work on all types of meats, many Amazon shoppers say it's their go-to option for cleaning and filleting fish. Along with an ergonomic nonslip handle, the carving knife also has a dishwasher-safe blade and a 5-foot power cord, so you can use the knife from just about anywhere in the kitchen. "This knife is no joke," wrote one customer. "It's sharp, and cuts everything! I cut through a chicken, bones and all like nobody's business! I cut through ribs, and fish without it falling apart! It cuts through bread without 'butchering' it! I love this knife!"

At only $18, this electric knife is definitely the most affordable option on the list, but shoppers say it still boasts the same carving power as its more expensive counterparts. Weighing less than 2 pounds, the kitchen gadget's reciprocating stainless steel blades provide excellent precision control, so you can slice through food in a flash. "Wow this knife worked great," said one customer. "It was my first time for my wife and I hosting Thanksgiving and this carved the turkey and the ham like a hot knife through butter. Very sturdy knife, nothing felt flimsy or took much effort to work or cut. My father-in-law who was a butcher most of his working career was even impressed with how well it cut."

If you don't like being held back by a power cord, this cordless electric knife by Waring might be the right option for you. The professional-grade knife uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and it even has a built-in LED light that lets you see exactly where you are cutting. Not only does it have an adjustable slicing guide that helps you decide how big of a slice to make, but it also comes with two different-sized interchangeable blades and a carrying case. "This is an OUTSTANDING product: completely reliable, very efficient with SERIOUS cutting power, and wonderful ease of storage and charging. It is a commercial product, in that it's large, heavy-duty, and awesomely powerful," said one shopper.

If you're looking for a kitchen tool that can do more than one thing, consider investing in this Cuisinart stick hand blender. The gadget's battery-charged motor comes with four attachments: an immersion blender, a chopper, a whisk, and an electric knife, allowing you to tackle just about any kind of kitchen task. It runs for 20 minutes at a time on a single charge, and it also comes with a measuring cup and storage case. Shoppers love how portable the cordless device is and how many different recipes they can whip up with it. 

This electric knife by NutriChef comes with two blade sets. The v-shaped blades are designed to carve meats up quickly, while the u-shaped options are excellent at slicing bread. In addition to an ergonomically designed handle and a powerful motor, the knife has a built-in safety lock, so you never have to worry about the blades coming undone while in use. Even better, it comes with a wooden storage block to keep all the pieces in one place. One Amazon shopper called it a "great knife set," while another wrote, "I love my new Nutrichef Electric Kitchen Knife. The grip is great and I am pleased it comes with two sets of knives—one for meat and one for bread. It seems to cut well and [is] easy to use. The wooden storage tray is handy. I am especially pleased that the electric cord is secured to the handle—as my old knife cord was detachable and kept falling out."

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