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Sale Sausage Meet Bowl Cutter Machine Price1.Introduction:80L, 125L, 200L, 330L and 420L iter high-speed meat bowl cutter                                

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Sale Sausage Meet Bowl Cutter Machine Price


80L, 125L, 200L, 330L and 420L iter high-speed meat bowl cutter            
Bowl cutter machine is the answer for better product colour, appearance,bite,texture,quality and higher yields for sausages, formed meat products, vegetable & fruit juice and paste, pet food and other food product. Our stainless steel bowl cutter allows you to emulsify, coarse chop or fine chop while reducing your grinding time, clean up time and labor cost. The cutter also mixes while it chops and maximizes protein extraction by extracting up to 50% more protein than a grind/mix/grind system.

----304 stainless steel material
----Extra hard solid stainless steel bowl&vibration free
----The most sanitary design for easy, fast clean-up and the latest safety features.
----Improves product yields and profit for increased revenue.
----Sharp, curved high speed knives cut rather than crush the meat under pressure.
----Better colouring during shelf-life is also evident in cut product, improved product defination, enchancs eye appeal and sales.
----Touch screen display and PLC control
----With loader and unloader
----vacuum system available

The Cutter is built with Siemens Motor, USA EMERSON or Denmark DANFOSS frequency control technology, Sweden SKF bearings, Swiss ABB electrics water-tight button, Germany BUSCH vacuum pump, Japan YASKAWA converter. etc
Its speed can reach as high as 4500r/min, its extremely high speed makes your products superior quality with less juice separation, bringing about a extra-super emulsification effect, elasticity and fineness. Better colouring during shelf-life is also evident in cut product, improve products defination enchances eye appeal and sales.  
ModelVolume(L)Cutter Speed(r/min)Bowl Speed(r/min)Discharger
ZKZB-330330300-36000-6stepless speed97.450003810*2900*1500
ZKZB-420420128-36000-6stepless speed139.458003900*2950*1550


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